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Puritanism in today's society

             The power of influence, whether it is personal, political, ethical, or theological, can determine a person’s behavior, religious practices and thoughts in a good or evil way. Many people living in today’s American society deal with the powerful influences of Puritanism, and while some might realize it and some not, it is something that has had great effects on the way Americans live and deal with their lives on an everyday basis. Many Americans, despite their levels of intelligence, have been put into situations that have them “fearing of God”. It is also evident, in many cases, that people act on the Puritan idea of feeling they have a moral obligation to be in the lives of others. Lastly, harsh punishments for small crimes have also been taken out the Puritan existence, and implemented into today’s American society, causing numerous acts of controversy and fear. .
             II. Revealing sacred sins to God is a practice that many believe will help God make the decision to not only forgive them, but to also “save” them, which is why fear of God is clearly a thought imbedded in the minds of many today. .
             a. In a Puritan society, people lived by the principle of the “Unconditional Election” (Elkin), which influenced many to confess their sins based on the idea that “God ‘saves’ those he wishes and only a few are selected for salvation” (Elkin). .
             b. Un-confessed sins usually have an effect on a person of much guilt weighing on their shoulders, almost a feeling of entrapment, which is why many people do in fact confess their sins, in hopes of feeling that the “truth really does set you free” (‘I’ 1). .
             III. Living in a picture perfect society takes hard work from everyone, and living up to certain standards seems as if it is one of the biggest issues people have with others, which is why many feel they have a moral obligation to be in the lives of their employees, friends, family and neighbors.