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The Puritans

            Indeed it took a person of great faith, belief and discipline to walk the path of a Puritan. The road that was less taken and often very demanding. It was the desire for holiness and the need of salvation from a world filled with sin that brought the early settlers to strive for such perfection. They believed the universe was centered around God and that man was corrupt to the point of eternal damnation and the only chance man had was the divine grace of God. He was bound to God to carry out Gods perfect will. He could find this will only by studying the scriptures and the universe around him. .
             The American Puritans were somewhat more thorough in their search for God than their overseas brothers. It seemed that the isolation and severe living conditions in the colonies played a major part in this. Ann Bradstreet had made note that when she arrived she had found a "new world with new manners" "but after I was convinced it was the way of God, I submitted to it and joined the church at Boston" (W. W. Norton 114). The early Puritans believed that they were chosen of God to search out and find the NEW Jerusalem that the scriptures had told about. Their days began and ended in prayer. They continually searched for the higher ways of God. They did not submit to the superstitions of man but rather adhered to the word of God in a military fashion of preaching, praying and continually seeking the will of God. .
             The Puritans home was centered on God. He continually prayed for his family as well as his servants. He raised his children to acknowledge the Lord in the same way and encouraged his servants to do the same. He considered himself an example and believed that a misrepresentation would be the same as blaspheme.
             Many Puritans had left their home country to escape persecution. Many refused to sign and oath of Loyalty to the Church of England, as did Edward Taylor (W. W. Norton 152).

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