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Puritan Philosophy

            The Puritan's ethics were lead by self discipline in order to improve their spirituality. They imposed concrete belief in the Bible and lived by all measures of it. Maintaining your life based on the Bible sets valuable limits. Prior to following the Bible, the Puritans looked at laughter and pleasure distasteful and unacceptable behavior. Morality of religion and family played a huge factor in the life of the Puritans. All people practicing witchcraft were condemned by the Puritans. In Puritans pursued themselves to be more pure with God. In addition, the philosophy structured by the Puritans is the most desirable way to live by.
             Happiness was looked upon as unnecessary and intolerable of the Puritan lifestyle. In the Bible, Jesus expressed that if you laugh, it can cause continual damage to your soul. Also, within the Bible, Christ promised that humans who live a miserable life will be redeemed. In the New Testament, it announced that Christians must wait until their afterlife to have fun. As James 4:9 states, "Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to heaviness." The Puritans followed the strict acts of the Bible by not participating in any pleasurable situations. Therefore, this would create the Puritans to not take their life for granted. Overall it developed strong character. .
             The Puritans believed that their duty in life was to praise God. So in order to fulfill those requirements, they had severe limits dealing with morality of family and religion. If anyone were to perform adultery, they were beheaded. The children were put to death if they were to curse their parents, or in general show any disrespect. If any Puritan acted abnormally with their religion, they were greatly punished anywhere from being banished or having their ears disconnected from their face. These laws showed their glorious admiration for God which is necessary to live and grow by.

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