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             Beginning in the seventeenth century, there were many attempts to create unified and .
             One of these attempts was made by the Puritans, who had a strong desire to .
             create a model society based on their beliefs. Whether or not the Puritans were successful in .
             their quest for what they believed was perfection has been debated for many years. It is clear .
             that many Puritans aspirations were, indeed, fulfilled, yet some were not. Puritanism is defined .
             as the religious philosophy and intellectual view that influenced New Englands first inhabitants. .
             Numerous historians believe Puritans had a direct effect on the rapid and successful .
             development of American civilization. Because of its unique and unfamiliar style of ruling, many .
             people were unsure of whether or not Puritans would be successful. Using a mixture of their .
             unique religious beliefs, outgoing and adventurous spirit, and intellectual personalities, Puritans .
             were able to come up with many desires of what they wanted the colony of Massachusetts to .
             become. Also, they had many hopes of how they would go about building their ideal society. .
             Puritans were very intellectual beings. Because of their belief that education was incredibly .
             important, they were critical thinkers. They were very sagacious, yet sometimes intolerant. One .
             of the Puritans aspirations was to set up and found many elementary schools, grammar .
             schools, and universities. In fact, the first college and public school system in America was .
             founded by Puritans. They were extremely interested in contempory english literature and the .
             most recent scientific theories. So, this aspiration was obviously fulfilled. In the model society .
             that Puritans wished to create, they wanted certain aspects of culture and religion to be .
             practiced by everyone. Puritans contained, in their culture, many aspects from the .
             Renaissance, or a time period in which there were many new ideas nd theories, including .

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