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             Most people think of the Puritans as simple people who have been passed by today's technological advances. To one it would also seem as if this quiet, tranquil group of people had hid from the rest of the world. Yet, the Puritans, go on about life living the same way as they had for many years, such as their forefathers did before. The basic ideas and ways of the Puritan life can be seen from their numerous writings; these writings can be a hidden pathway into the every day life of a puritan.
             Jonathan Edwards was a shining example of the Puritan way of life. The spiritual leader, of many sermons across New England from 1731-1758, his sermons explain the ideal way the life of a Puritans should be, and how they should worshiped God. Most of his work was done at the First Christian Church in Northhampton, New Hampshire. His most popular work was the 16 sermons on "Charity and It's Fruits", in which he explains how love is the way into God's vision. In "Charity and It's Fruits," he says in order to truly worship him you must love him from your heart these ideas were preached in 1738, but were not published until 1851.
             One of Edward's great lines was "That all the virtue that is saving, and that distinguishes true Christians from others, is summed up in Christian love." What many perceived that he meant was that the item that sets Christianity apart from other religions is the love that true Christians give to there savior. This was a strong belief by the Puritan people and was carried out on a large scale and shows in there way of everyday living. Unnecessary items were never needed to the Puritan people, they lived everyday based on there love for God.
             In Edwards's sermons, he speaks of what heaven looks like. He says that there are none but lovely objects in heaven. The end goal of the Puritans was of course to make it into heaven. This was the greatest reward for all the hard work and time spent in praise to God.

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