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The Nile River

Egypt is in the northeast corner of Africa and is 1,001,450 sq km. The land is divided up into Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt. These names come from where the Nile River is flowing. Land that is downstream or to the north is Lower Egypt and land that is downstream of the Nile or to the south is called Upper Egypt. The Nile River delta is located at the northern end of the river where the Nile empties into the Mediterranean Sea. A delta is land that is made by leftover sand, dirt, and rocks from the river flowing into the sea.

Cairo is the capital city and it is in Lower Egypt in the Nile Delta near the Nile River, which is the longest river in the world. Most of the cities are near the Nile Valley because the land is more fertile. Most of the land in Egypt is desert, which are dry and desolate. Hardly any trees or vegetation grows in the desert. The summers are hot with dusty wind blowing and the winter is very mild.

The geography of Egyptaa

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