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Geographic Factors

             Geographic Factors.
             Geographic factors often have an important influence on the history, economy, and culture of regions and nations. Three geographic factors are Monsoons, Nile River Valley, and Island locations. Each of these have good and bad effects on an area, depending on the temperature, climate and/or other mother nature controlled elements of the world. The geographic features of an area answer many questions about the types of economy, the background of their history and specific type of culture. .
             Monsoons mostly affect the Country of India. From June till September, the summer monsoon blows from the southwest, in this direction it picks up moisture over the Indian Ocean. This then drops vast amounts of rains on the coast and on the northern plain, but the rains may cause floods which can kill some crops. From October to may, the winter monsoon blows from lands to the northeast. These hot dry winds raise temperatures to more than 100 degrees F. These monsoons specially affect the economic static of the country. .
             Every year the people of India wait anxiously for the summer monsoon to bring desperately needed moisture to the parched and scorned farmlands. There is only one season in which to grow crops. During the summer Monsoon they grow all the food the Indian nation can. During the winter Monsoon they store and/or trade foods in order to keep from starvation. Since the climate of India is so diverse they mostly grow grains such as barley, millet, rice, seasons and wheat and some vegetables like beans and peas.
             The history of India has been affected by the Monsoons in that they have influenced trading to the more costal regions of the area. By doing this many traders wanted to go to India from Europe in order to bring back the much wanted spices. The Monsoons helped and hurt this cause, first by in the dry season India had other countries to rely on for food and other necessities.

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