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Geography is dead

            A recent advert for British Telecom claimed that " geography is dead". Drawing on examples from around the globe, evaluate the validity of this statement .
             In today's world geography plays a very important role in everything from day to day life through to major world issues. In numerous decisions made by many people geographers and geography in general play important roles. The recent British Telecom advert states that " geography is dead" which in many ways is not valid. In this essay I will show to what extent geography is not dead and evaluate the validity of this statement. .
             Geography itself covers many different titles and can mean many different things. Physical and Human Geography's are the two main types of geography found, each with many other titles under this main title. Differing types of Physical geography cover the actual things happening around us. The earth's functions, movements and disasters are all covered by physical geography and is the most commonly understood perspective of modern geography. Human geography is a much less perceived type of geography yet plays just as large a part in the world as physical geography. Human geography, as the name suggests, is directly involved in human problems. Economics, poverty and development of countries are all part of human geography and all can link directly with each other or physical elements. .
             The idea that "geography is dead" would mean that geography is no longer in use and not needed. The idea that a person may decide to look at a weather report would suggest that this statement is not valid. Thanks to the meteorological office, many people across the world can have an accurate and up to date weather report specific to what type of report they need. Many people use the information from the MET office in many different ways. For instance The MET office web site (www.met-office.gov.uk) is used by - The Royal Lifeboat Institution for reports of sea storms and general weather, Farm Express for UK farming and agricultural reports and The Confetti web site which gives a weather report for couples wedding days.

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