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Geographic conditions of the colonies

            Geographic Conditions of New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies.
             The New England, Middle, and Southern colonies are affected by the geographic conditions of each region in which the colonies are located. The New England Colonies have cold, dry winters, and cool, humid summers as well as short growing seasons which limit their farming. The Middle colonies have fertile land, middle growing seasons, as well as two major rivers, which contribute to the success of the Middle colonies. The Southern colonies have long growing seasons, fertile land, and large plantations, which make the colonies successful. The geographic conditions of the three major areas of English settlement in the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies account for the differences in the colonial way of live within each of these colonies. .
             The New England colonies (New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and.
             Massachusetts) were among the first colonies settled by the English in the New World. The Pilgrims settled in the New England colonies because they were seeking religious freedom and job opportunities that would provide them with money. Therefore the parents were strict and required of child to study to the Bible. The Church of Plymouth Rock was the main church for the Puritans" meetings because it was easy for everyone to get to. The Pilgrims thought they knew what to expect once they landed in Plymouth colony. Little did the settlers of the New England colonies know that the soil was too thin and too rocky to grow cash crops. The people believed that since their soil was too rocky, that it was a sign for them to work harder in every aspect of life. As a result of the settlers having difficulty farming, they had to turn to a different product to produce money. The settlers turned to whaling furs, trading, fishing, and making clothes. The settlers also made money by selling iron pots, kettles, and tools to other countries.

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