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Advantages the Colonists had in Fighting the British

             Throughout the revolutionary war the American colonists had to struggle their way through the British. Although there where many disadvantage that the American colonists faced here are a few of the Advantages. First the Americans had a home field advantage and Britain was operation 3,000 miles from its home base, which ultimately led to many problems. The distance added to the delays and uncertain weather conditions brought forth by the enormous Atlantic Ocean. Americas geographical grounds where gigantic, ranging from 1,000 by 600 miles. This would give the Americans a great advantage because the colonies had no urban nerve center. When the British would strike at the colonies they would only put a small dent on the entire country. Also even though the British outnumbered the Americans a vast amount of babies where being born. Benjamin Franklin figured that when 150 patriots where killed at Bunker Hill some 60,000 babies where born. The population in the colonies is getting larger every day of the revolution. Possibly one of Americans greatest advantages came from the French. The French secretly provided the Americans with firearms and gunpowder since no gun factories existed in the colonies. About 90 percent of the gunpowder used by the Americans in the first few years of the war came from French arsenals. It was not just the firearms and gun power that the French had to offer. Americans where fighting for independence. The Declaration of Independence showed that the Americans meant serious business and actually had a good chance in wining their freedom. The French where prepared to cooperate vigorously in an intelligent stroke. The French and Americans wanted to assault Cornwallis British troops at Yorktown. In doing so much help was given by the French. Rochambeau's French army and Washington's troops overwhelmed the British by land and De Grasse blocked the British by sea.

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