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American Revolution Outline

             April 19, 1775: Lexington Massachusetts.
             British plan to march to Concord to arrest colonial leaders and capture their storage of colonial ammunitions.
             3. Warning given to Mass. militia (minutemen: could be ready to fight in a minute.) "The British are coming!" - Paul Revere and William Daves.
             4. British hope to find Sam Adams and John Hancock in Lexington.
             5. The British sung Yankee Doodle to ridicule the Americans, though the Americans soon adapted this song in their favor.
             6. British soldiers are stopped by colonial minutemen at Lexington (Shot Heard "Round the World).
             7. Neither side admits to firing first.
             8. The British won this battle (Lexington).
             9. The British were stopped at Concord by the colonial minutemen.
             10. The colonists won this battle (Concord).
             11. After these 2 battles the British were forced to retreat back to Boston.
             B. Preparing for War Vs. Peace.
             1. peace: no more taxes, rights and liberty, move west while protected, represented in gov.
             2. Seeing as they needed the corporation of Britain to have peace, they needed to try for peace and prepare for war, though they were not yet ready for it.
             3. war: leaders and strategy, army, supplies, support, money, allies, and ammo.
             C. The Revolutionary War Begins .
             1. The colonists were justified in waging war and breaking away from England, b/c of taxation without representation, unfair laws/rules, Boston Massacre (British shed first blood), Intolerable Acts, Proclamation of 1763.
             2. The colonists were not justified in waging war and breaking away from England, b/c of Boston Tea Party, protection of Colonies, mob action, disobeying, mother country, Britain's land.
             D. Fort Ticonderoga.
             1. The colonists,(the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont) lead by Ethan Allan, landed a surprise attack on the British, and thus forced the British to surrender.
             2. The victory at Fort Ticonderoga provided the colonists with supplies needed for war.
             3. May 10,1775: Lake Champlain, Vermont.

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