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French Revolution

             Although the beginning of the French Revolution cannot be pin pointed to one specific event that took place, there were many problems that provoked the people of France to fight for their independence. To list all of the causes would be utter chaos so I decided to divide them into four categories. Each category is based on a key aspect of what I think are critical parts to any functional government. The four categories are Economic, Political, Social and Intellectual. The Economic category describes the financial situation of the country and the problems people faced with little or no money. Political deals with a structure or affairs of the French government. The Social division represents society and its modes of organization. Intellectual displays the ideas and information that people know. With there being no perfect outline I decided to go with what I"m most comfortable with. There are many other categories I could have chosen but I felt that none would be as in-depth and informative as mine. .
             In order for any country to succeed financially it must have a strong backbone and economic stability. With France under the rule of Lois XVI and a nation full of debt it was difficult for the commoners to make any money. .
             From the start of the American Revolution France had been supplying arms and money to the rebels oversea. With not much to begin with, the seven-year war took a toll on France's finances and began building up dept. Lois XVI didn't improve the financial situation of France and people began to despise him even more. Because only the commoners were being taxed, there was no way to repay Frances great debt. "In the eighteenth century, consumer prices rose faster than wages" (387). Since the prices were so high many commoners couldn't even afford to live and this resulted in the commoners playing a significant role in the French Revolution. The last straw was drawn in 1788 while back-to-back years of bad harvests occurred.

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