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Karl Marx

            Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto is a concise outline of his theories and plans for impending revolutions. Marx's ideas benefit the poor suffering working people who are being taken advantage of by the rich greedy capitalists. Michael Moore's film gives us an example of this with the GM plant closing down and moving out of the country so it can make more money, leaving the town in ruins.
             Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1847at the request of the Central Committee of the Communist League. It outlined his thoughts of how capitalism would not work and how communism helped the working people. In order for the revolution to take place the country must go through the "Setting for the Revolution" (The Communist Manifesto). We can say right now America is going through the setting stage because the same thing is happening here as what happened in France in 1848. Before the revolution in France there was a period of rapid industrial growth. There was also widespread famine, the poor were suffering and became interested in communist ideas. This explained the differences between the poor suffering workers and the rich capitalists. The poor dreamed of the communist idea of no poor and no rich just one equal class. As the capitalists grew wealthier and the poor grew poorer the idea spread throughout the lower class that this new system of capitalism was to blame. There was also a food shortage, which made starvation an everyday reality. You can compare this to Michael Moore's film in which the capitalists cause this to happen to the working class.
             In Michael Moore's film the capitalists are a corporation General Motors and the working class is the town of Flint. Flint is a small town in Michigan that is built around the GM assembly plant; with out that the town has nothing. In an effort to raise profits GM closes down the plant and moves it out of the country so it can get cheaper labor. With this happening the working class become the poor homeless class and the rich get richer.

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