School dress code debate

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Why do they think that uniforms are the right thing for school? What makes them so wonderful that many schools lately have implemented a uniform policy? In my school they were a joke, no body took them seriously. They were just something else to try to bend the rules about. One girl would wear a khaki skirt, which was fine until she safety pinned a hem on it. Then she would wear the combat boot, fish net stockings, and a green cardigan that she had tapered with safety pins; so what did the uniform accomplish, nothing. Is there any reasons why they do have uniforms, do the pros out do the cons, and if they do need uniforms then how can they make them a little more student friendly?

The faculty will argue that uniforms help provide the students with some sort of unity; getting them prepared for the workforce. They also say that it is less of a distraction to them in class because no one is wearing anything different from anyone else in the class. Is that really so, though? In my experience, it did not matter if everyone had on the same thing as other stu

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