Catholic education

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Catholic School Education is not merely moral or spiritual education; rather, it is education of the whole man, developing his intellectual, social, cultural, and physical endowments.

Introduction, Relevance and Scope and Delimitation of Study

Nowadays, many question catholic education. The world had evolved into practices of hedonistic goals and absolute freedom. These ideas however, are very much opposed to the philosophy of catholic education. Could it be that this type of education is already old-fashioned and not suitable to the 21st century?

This paper will illustrate how education in Christian faith is much more than mere education of the emotions; it is also an education of the intellect and at the same time, the spirit. People often question how a "true and complete education  can take place, seeing catholic education as quite contrary to the very ideas of philosophy.

I will be discussing 2 general points that will show the importance, relevance and effectiveness of the catholic education. The first part will discuss the nature of the philosophy of catholic school education. While the latter part will focus on its application to the 21st first century, to the world and its education

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