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Catholic VS. Public School

             Do you really know what takes place in our high schools today? Public schools and Catholic schools both have one main goal, and that is to help students to eventually further their education. However, both schools influence students in many different ways. Public schools are more focused on the well being of the students, whereas Catholic schools are often strictly focused on the overall image of the school. Catholic and public schools are very much alike, but when it comes to the teachers, the students, and the rules and regulations that take place in the schools, there are many differences.
             High school teachers, rather it be Catholic or public, always have the students" best interests at heart. Whereas Catholic high school teachers are very naive and are not all that interested in getting to know the students as individuals, public high school teachers are very honest and aware of their surroundings. Catholic high school teachers, in particular, nuns and priests, try very hard to ignore the bad things that kids do. They often want the image of perfect Catholic children, and these teachers often ignore the obvious areas where the students need help. Public high school teachers are very down to earth and know the truth about students. Also, public high school teachers are much more willing to take time and listen to each student on an individual basis. Public and Catholic high school teachers are both very focused, however, the two types of teachers are focused on two totally separate things: students and image.
             Each high school is completely different, but what make the schools different are the students themselves. Catholic high school students are not very active with many activities other than sports. Also, Catholic high school students are very self-centered, sheltered, and not as out-going. Public high school students are much more out- going and willing to meet others. Also, public high school students seem to experience more true life issues; they are not hidden from what life is really all about, not a sheltered closed off little world.

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