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compare and contrast

             I have attended both public and catholic schooling in my twelve years of education. I have bounced around from school to school four different occasions.
             During my change from public schools for three years, to catholic high school, I have noticed some major changes. These changes include uniform, grading scale, and also strictness. .
             I attended Upson elementary school from kindergarten to fourth grade, Forest Park middle school fifth and sixth, and Central middle school in seventh and eighth. I never had to wear a specific uniform at any of these schools I attended until I reached Lake Catholic. It is nice wearing a uniform only because you don't have to wake up wondering what you are going to wear everyday. Another benefit is not having to buy so many clothes for each day of the week. A downside of a uniform is having to wear the same thing everyday. After dress down days for school spirit, it all works out fine. .
             Another change is the grading scale from public to catholic. The catholic scale and curriculum is much tougher in my opinion. It is based on a 7 point system where a 93% is an A-, and so on. Public schooling is based on a 10 point system where a 90% is an A-, and so on. The classes at Lake Catholic and other private schools are more college preparatory classes than at public schools. The number of students is much lower per grade at most private schools versus public schools. This allows teachers to focus more on students and get to know them more with less total students. .
             Primarily because most private schools have nuns or priests, they tend to be a little stricter than public schools. Public schools tend to have more freedom in what their students do. The consequences are much different from public to catholic schools regarding what the action is. .
             Overall there are many differences in the public versus private schooling. Private schools tend to be more of a community including the church and bible studies, where public schools don't get to know everyone because of the amount of students.

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