My experience at college

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Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, was founded and established on October 3, 1887, as the State Normal College for Colored Students, they began classes with fifteen students and two instructors. Its destiny - to become an institution of higher learning, striving toward even greater heights of academic excellence. Today, Florida A&M University is one of nine institutions in Florida 's State University System, and excellence - "excellence with caring" - remains its goal. And Florida A&M University is one of the best Historical Black Colleges and University (HBCU) throughout the United States of America ever.

While attending Florida A&M University I have seen many good changes as well as the bad ones. And although Florida A&M University has it faults, what school doesn't? And the problems that we face today are mainly the administrative problems that were developed years ago. First and foremost problem is the Financial Aid office “ time after time again they get students their net checks months later than they were supposed to be mailed. And fin

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