Latest Trends In UAVs

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The satellite technology is held with the dev countries. The satellites are expensive devices and require continuous maintenance. However, UAVs due to their low cost and other obvious advantages have answered countries, which are without satellite technology.

9. Definitions. Unmanned aircraft is powered aerial vehicle that does not carry human operator. They use aerodynamic forces for lift and a propulsion system. The ground/airborne controller direct UAVs or they are pre-programmed. On the basis of their control system, UAVs are classified into two broad categories:-

a. Drone. It is pilot less aircraft, which obeys the commands stored in the memory of its guidance system.

b. RPV. It is remotely piloted vehicle which remains under the command of a ground based pilot / controller.

c. UAV. Unmanned Air Vehicle is a common name given to drone / RPVs since the two guidance systems frequently overlap. An RPV on long distance flight becomes a drone as soon as it is out of radio contact with the ground station and operation on its preprogrammed automatic pilot, which will also guide it to the ground station. Many drones on the other hand are launched on a pre-programmed course but land under ground control.

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