Diplomacy to Solve Conflict

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To What Extent Should a Nation use Diplomacy to Resolve Conflict?

I believe that nations should seek to solve conflicts in a diplomatic fashion, in order to avoid the atrocities of war, at all costs. War, or forceful conflict, should not be considered until peaceful negotiations have taken place and been betrayed by one party, or have otherwise been proved ineffective. Nation are entitled to use force when peaceful means of settling disputes if their national security is threatened, or that of their allies which are bound by treaty is threatened. For diplomacy to work there must be a solid agreement backed by a threat of force.

The Cuban Missile Crisis is an excellent example of a confrontation that was solved diplomatically, when it would have otherwise ended with the colossal damages of nuclear warfare. In 1960 Khrushchev wanted to gain a sphere of influence within the bounds of America's own ˜western sphere.' Cuba signed a $100 million trade agreement with the Soviet Union, allowing the Soviets immense involvement in the Cuban economy. Equipment and arms were sent to Cuba from the Soviet Union, for Cuba's defense. Cuban émigrés, in alliance with the CIA tried numerous isolated raids on Cuba, atte

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