My Personal Goals

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Many times I have set a goals for myself only to fail myself by not completing them. Each time I have done this I have looked back at the goal and realized there were many short-term goals I need to reach in order to be successful at reaching my goal. I always looked at the big picture and never the success of the long-term goal and never at the short-term goals to accomplish and to succeed at the long-term goal. I took charge of this situation recently and changed direction I set a goal many years ago that I wanted to succeed at but had failed, that was to be the first person in my family to complete a Bachelor's Degree. This change in attitude helped persuade my decision to attend the University of Pheonix (UOP).

A fellow student said it well in one of his daily posts, he pointed out that each long-term goal is only successful when planned and organized in a way that you can be successful;

" ¦ in other words, setting a goal, then plotting out the steps to get there, then figuring out which ones must be take

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