Mexican Tradtions

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Traditions play a big roll in every culture. Cultures' traditions vary from one another. In some cultures, men have the right to be married to more than one woman; on the contrary in other cultures it is morally wrong. We cannot decide whether one culture's traditions are right or wrong, because what is true for some people is false to others, and it is just a matter of opinion. However, it is unquestionable that some traditions affect the lives of certain people. Since Traditions are what set apart one culture from another, it is important that people within their culture, keep these traditions alive and continue to exert them. In contrast, some traditions wrongly influence the cultures and keep them away from develop into a better culture or community.

One Particular culture that preserves its traditions alive, and imposes them to the future generations, is the Mexican American Culture. The old traditions of Mexico remain so close to immigrants' hearts, even as they embrace a new life in America in search of the American dream, and those traditions are passed from generation to generation. Those traditions become a part of the lives of Mexican Americans. There are different traditions within this culture; some of

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