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             Mexico borders up on the states Arizona, Texas and California in the United States of America, and also the countries Guatemala and Belize. The country is furthermore surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. .
             The area of Mexico is 1.958.201 square kilometre, which is more than 45 times larger than Denmark, and about 4 times as large as France. A huge amount of the area is not inhabited, either because it is barren like a desert or because it is a mountain or volcano area. .
             In Mexico the temperature is variable because of the big difference in the height of the earth, the average temperature is 22,5 degrees in one part of the country, and less then 15 in another place.
             The volcanoes are the course of many earthquakes all over Mexico, including in the big cities. In 1985 a large earthquake in Mexico City was the course of the death of 20.000 people.
             With 20 million people, the capitol of Mexico (Mexico City) is considered the largest city in the world.
             The latest census was made in year 2000, and at that time there was around 97,5 million people in the country, but a census in Mexico can not give the exact amount of the people, first of all a lot of people is illegally escaping to the United States of America from Mexico every day, and second of all a large number of the population is living on the streets, and are therefore impossible to count. The escaping of the people is possible because the border between the 2 countries is huge (about 3000 kilometres), and it would be almost impossible and unbelievably expensive to guard the entire border. .
             The population in Mexico is of many different nationalities, most people is what they call mestizos, which is people who is both of Indian and European birth, a large part is real Indians, and then there is some minor minorities of people from Europe (mostly from Spain), Africa, Asia and Arabian. The common languish is Spanish which is spoken by 90 % of the population, but there is also more than 50 different Indian languishes in Mexico.

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