American Federal System

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The federal entity created by the Constitution is the dominant feature of the American governmental system. But the system itself is in reality a mosaic, composed of thousands of smaller units ” building blocks that together make up the whole. There are 50 state governments plus the government of the District of Columbia, and further down the ladder are still smaller units that govern counties, cities, towns, and villages.

The American political system consistes of three main branches:

all the legislative powers in the united states are granted to the congress of the united staes.

This legislateive body is composed of two independent houses; the house of representatives and the senate.

consistes of 100 members who are composed of 2 senators from each state that will be assigned for six years. Those senators are elected by popular vote. Baring in mind that for a person to become a senator he has to be 30 years of age, has been a citizen of the u

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