Pyramids: A Wonder of the World

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The word Egypt evokes various images in people's minds. They may think of the great stone pyramids, the Sphinx, or even the Nile River. One of these magnificent Egyptian marvels, the pyramids, also sparks people's curiosity and awe. One of these pyramids is even a Wonder of the World. The Pyramid of Giza is one of the Seven Wonders of the World because of its amazing history, its link to a fascinating culture, and its reason defying construction.

Of all the Seven Wonders of the World, the Pyramid of Giza has survived the longest. The Egyptians built the pyramid almost 4,500 years ago for Pharaoh Khufu. For most of Khufu's lifetime, the Egyptians worked to build the pyramid which would eventually be his burial tomb. Up to one-hundred-thousand slaves worked to complete the structure that appears in history books today. When Pharaoh Khufu died, all of his treasures went to rest with him in the pyramid. Three thousand years later a group of Arab men went in search for the treasures of Khufu. When they entered the pyramid they did not find a single thing. Most likely, thieves stole the treasures, as the robbery of

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