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Pyramids of Egypt

             The pyramids (over ninety) were built by ancient Egyptians from around 2630B. Two teams of 2,000 Egyptian workers most likely accomplished the construction of the pyramids. We do not know for sure whether or not slaves assisted them. Some people believe extra-terrestrial beings or a supernatural being (God) helped them.
             Being helped by extra-terrestrial beings would explain why they were built with such preciseness and why, when superimposed on a map, the pyramids line up exactly with the belt on the constellation Orion. On the other hand, being helped by a supernatural being would explain why many of the passages" lengths, when added up, equal certain dates in time- dates in the very distant future of ancient Egypt including the start of World War I. Measurements of different aspects of the pyramids show that whoever built them had an incredible knowledge of mathematics. For example, if you take the circumference of the Great Pyramid and divide it by twice its height, you get 3.14159- the first six digits of Pi.
             Something is missing from the recorded history of Egypt- the record of the building of the pyramids. Many people find this very strange because the ancient Egyptians usually kept detailed records of everything including their culture, kings and queens, wars that were fought, and structures that they built. The Egyptian pyramids were usually built as tombs for kings and queens. Ancient Egyptians believed the pyramid, where the royal mummy was placed, to be a place for the king or queen to pass into the afterlife. However, no body was found within the Great Pyramid. Also, fungus never before seen on Earth was found inside the tomb of Tutankhamun. The purposes of many pyramids still remain a mystery to this day.
             You won't just find a single pyramid standing alone in the desert. Instead, you"ll find that a pyramid is the focus of a complex of temples and smaller pyramids.

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