Dependency on technology

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You are sitting at your computer, listening to a renowned expert lecturer on a topic of educational importance. As you listen, you are viewing diagrams, charts, Web sites, presentations, and spreadsheets that support and enhance the lecture. While the lecture continues your mind start wondering; thinking of how things used to be. How was the technology that existed back then and you make a comparison with what we currently have.

Since the beginning, men always wanted to create something to facilitate his tasks, something to improve the quality of their lives and his ability to learn.

In today's world, there is hardly anybody who can say that their lives have not been influenced by technology.

"These things include computers, palm pilots, cell phones, the World Wide Web, clocks, automobiles, medical equipment and more. These things are becoming more prevalent as the technological future advances and society becomes more demanding for efficient ways to accomplish goals. 

One of the main areas where technology has improved the most is in the field of communication, now-days is better, faster and more reliable. New communication devices are developed almost every 18 months, and those de

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