Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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In the small town of St. Petersburg during the mid to late 1800's, a boy named Tom Sawyer lived. He was a clever and mischievous boy with not many friends. Will Tom make good choices and make friends? Find out in this wild and adventurous novel by Mark Twain.

Tom Sawyer is about 10 years old and is clever, mischievous, and is very tricky. He lives in the little shabby town of St. Petersburg. When Tom is walking along one day, he gets into a huge fight with a new kid, Alfred, who just moved in. He also convinced many kids to paint the fence for him, which was his punishment to begin with.

Tom starts to become friendlier when he falls in love with Becky, a girl that just moved into town. One day, Tom tried to stay home from school and fake that he was sick. His Aunt Polly, who takes care of him, made him go. On the way to school, Tom stops and talks to Huckleberry Finn, the boy with a drinking, non-caring, father. Because of this, he does not go to school and drinks and smokes all day. Therefore, not many people in the community like Huckleberry Finn. When Tom gets to school, he admits to talking with Huckleberry Finn; his punishment is to sit by the girls. He does this because he wanted to sit by Becky.

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