Effects of Child Discipline

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Throughout history, families have had to deal with developing effective ways of disciplining their children. Historically, the father was the disciplinary, usually applying forms of physical discipline to get his children to obey his wishes. This style of discipline was thought to be acceptable, as well as effective. In modern Canadian society, both parenting styles and disciplinary styles have changed. A more proactive, positive form of parenting has synthesized. Positive discipline is the most effective discipline style available to modern day parents which encourages children to learn from both their actions and consequences.

In 1975 Diana Baumrid separated different types of parenting styles into three separate groups, according to the corrective actions they took if a child misbehaved. The three styles each have their own characteristics and effects on children.

Out of the three main parenting types, the authoritarian parent places the highest value on order and obedience. This form of parenting often relies highly on forms of physical discipline. There are firmly set rules and a less nurturing atmosphere. Little discussion and flexibility is apparent in this parenting style.

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