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In looking back at all the writing that I've done, all the papers that I've had to read, and all the processes I've been taught, I often times feel as though my works are a combination of every element or writing that I've encountered. With each paper I've composed, I've had to emulate the style of one author or another. In one such paper, the paper I sent in to the office of admissions at the University of Tulsa, I choose to write in the style that Jonathan Swift used when he wrote A Modest Proposal. Writing a satirical essay proved to be quite entertaining as I was allowed more freedom to write something more flavorful than other essays I had to write. Now in college, however, I find the essays I'm to read and then write about are very interesting, providing me with much fodder to load into the cannon of creative writing. The two essays included in this portfolio are examples of such writing, both delving into ideas of psychology

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