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Perfecting My Writing Skills

             I am neither a great nor a proficient writer, but I do write when I have to. Whether its essays or short stories, I am able to say that I am not a constant writer, but my writing has improved drastically over the course of 18 years. Some years are better than others and I might have a motivational breakthrough and start writing some genius material. At times I might not pick-up the pen and paper for months on end. Like any other writer I have been influenced by many, our processes of writing are different, and some writing ends might need tying up and of course we all have our strength and weaknesses in writing and possibly that favorite subject to write about as well. I am not great but I am a writer. .
             Coming from a Hispanic background and not having the English language as my first language as a child, the only firm of writing support I have ever received from my family is the legibility of my handwriting. Even till today my penmanship still looks like chicken scratch no matter how much I practiced. At school was the only time I ever wrote actual papers or sentences. At school I would always receive the support from the English teachers telling me I am such a good writer but I would never believe them since every time I received a paper I would always see the paper covered in red with corrections.
             If I had to judge my own writing from the past I would write on there that I need to learn how to place periods in my writing and know when and where to start a new paragraph. As I'm writing this now I can say that I have improved in that aspect of writing. In the past I enjoyed writing and when I say the past, I'm talking about 6th grade and younger. Every time I finished writing a story in class, and the chance to present these stories came up, I would always volunteer to share and read them in front of the class. These small papers might include writing about my pets, my family or even the fun things, such as hobbies and sports.

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