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Essay On Writing

             In fact, that is what makes writing so special. Writing varies from person to person and varies depending on the purpose. I have my own technique for writing and find others interesting because it is so different from mine. Who is to say which way is better? Since there is no one way to write, I believe there is no way to define good writing as long as the writing has certain aspects.
             Writing can range from making a list to thoroughly explaining a topic. One way to go about doing this is discovering the purpose. After you know the purpose, you can decide on the emotion you feel is appropriate for such writing. If the paper is supposed to be persuasive, one may be more argumentative then if they were just stating facts in an informative paper. Gathering information is one of the most important processes in writing. Whether the information is from your own opinion or solid facts, no one wants to read something with no substance. In whatever it is that one does write they must grab the reader's attention. Advertisements are a great example of that because they serve the purpose of getting a point across in a few words while grabbing the public's attention. Resumes also have to grab the employer's attention right away as well as build up the applicant in just a few words. An applicant must influence the employer to give them an interview with only words. .
             I cannot think of one day in my life that I have not used some form of writing. The process to writing is subconscious in most situations, but I know that I do use all of the techniques that I have listed for each one of my writings. Of course, I know that I still have room for improvement in my writing. I prefer to write papers that are more emotional then informative. I like to sit down and let the words flow and let the ideas come to me as I write them. It is hard for me to develop an entire paper when I am trying to direct it in a single direction.

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