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My parents

            I think that parents are couples who created a new life. They have to protect, guide, and give a good future to their children. I also think that parents create their children’s personality and they also make their children to go in the right way by punishing or talking to them. I believe that parents should be their children’s friends so that if there is a good trust between them; a good relationship will exist. In other words, I think that parents shouldn’t just be the people who punish their children; they should also be their children’s friends.
             Unfortunately, this is not what happens with most families. For example, my mother is not my real friend because every secret that I tell her; she immediately tells it to my whole family. That is why I prefer not to tell her my secrets. I also can’t tell her my problems because when something unfair happens to me, she always solves them. This really upsets me because I want to learn from my mistakes, but she doesn’t let me do that because she always finds the solution of my problems. But, after all, she is my mother and I really love her.
             In the other hand, my father is the opposite of my mother. He is the person that I love the most. He is polite, good and comprehensive. He is so especial for me, because he guides me in the good way without punishing me, he helps me with my problems, but he doesn’t solve them because he understands that I want to solve my problems, and not that other people solve them; he also trusts in me. I really think that my father is unique because there is no other father like him. He is the reason of my life, my love, and my happiness.
             As a conclusion, my parents have mistakes as all humans have, but they also know how to raise me. That is why I think that God blessed me when he gave the kind of parents that I have, because they are unique, they guide me in a good way and make my life easier.