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Living Without My Parents

             Moving away from my home in Brazil taught me that my parents weren't as terrible as I thought they were. There are many reasons why I wanted to move away from my parent's house, such as learning how to work, being more responsible and not blindly trusting people. .
             When I decided moved to USA, I thought I was doing the best thing for my life. The reason for that was because I was away of the protection of my parents, which was a dream that I had since I was fifteen years old. But I had to wait until I became twenty-one years old to get an opportunity to come here in USA. One week here, however was enough time to see how much my parents were important to me, and how much I missed my family.
             For one thing, to start working in USA was really hard because I had not ever worked before, and when I found a job and started putting long hours in the restaurant that I worked, caring trays wasn't as easy as when I was in my country Brazil. Where I used to live with my parents and had everything handed to me. Back home the only thing that I had to do was go to school, but that was enough for me complain about be to tired of studying, or that I did not have enough time to go to the beach or spend time with friends. And the only people there to hear me and tell me that I was wrong were my parents. I was too immature to realize that I was wrong with everything that I was complaining about. Because how that I was away from home and the protection of my parents I had to do both working many hours with time to go to school and no time to study or taking care of myself. .
             In addition to the loss of time to study, on my weekend off, I was doing extra work as a housekeeper to make sure I would have the money to pay my rent and make the grocery shopping. I also had to learn how to control myself of spending money for unnecessary things such as clothes, make up and so on. Responsibility was something that I did not have before, at this time I didn't have anybody to do things for me I had to learn how to take care of myself.

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