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What is Your Reason for Living?

            Every time I come across the question "What is your reason for living", I get extremely frustrated because I don't really know what my reason for living is. It seems like only God has the answer to this but every time I am asked this question, I have 3 answers. The first answer that I have for this question is "I live for God". Most of the time that is the cop out answer. Some people find it to be a sufficient answer, the die hard christians find it to be sufficient. I don't find it to be sufficient because no matter how big of a christian you are, I think it is hard to say that you are living for someone that you have no idea what they have in store for you. It's like walking into darkness. You don't know what is in front of you but you keep walking because you hope that nothing bad is going to be in front of you, but you walk in fear. I live in fear. Fear of failure, fear of death, and fear of not succeeding.  The new generation has a burden to succeed put on them. The American dream has become somewhat typical, causing this generation to be expected to succeed. Another answer that I don't really find sufficient is "I live for my parents". My parents have invested so much time and money in me that the thought of me not doing anything with my life gives me anxiety. I know we aren't supposed to use capital to measure someone's worth but If i don't have more money than my parents when I am older I will be considered a failure, well at least in my eyes. My mother has never really told me that I will be a failure if I don't have a lot of money but she always says something a long the lines of "This better be worth it, as much money I'm spending on you" or "I want this car but all my money is spent on you, so when you are rich you are going to buy me this car". She may not mean much when she says this but the words carry a lot of weight when I hear them. So the reason I am living is to pay my mother back for all she has done.

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