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Premarital Living Is Necessary For Successful Marriages.

            Premarital Living is Necessary for Successful Marriages.
             Through the times, we have witnessed changing trends in almost every single aspect of our lives. Some may argue that tradition and culture remains static. But, even tradition and culture has to be altered a little to adapt to the changing times. How often do you see women parading in cheongsams to go shopping at the market, under the sweltering heat, nowadays? And how many families actually eat together at the dinner table, with dad and mom having to work overtime and children having to go to school? Do some families even eat at home? Do we still hear of arranged marriages? Similarly, premarital living would have been viewed with utter horror by our great-great grandfathers. But some of the more open-minded members of our society today would pay as much attention to it as they would to dirt on the ground. Personally, I support the idea. This issue may be regarded with abhorrence at first. But like any other changes that the human civilization has gone through, people will begin to see the logic and the reason behind these changes.
             First of all, premarital living give couples a chance to enjoy each other's company. Imagine if one day, you"re on your way to work, but there's a massive traffic jam that morning and you"re half an hour late for your presentation. You reach the boardroom with your boss and the clients glaring at you. Your confidence buckles and you stutter and err through the presentation. Next thing you know, you"re fired in front of your colleagues and thanks to your emotional instability and feelings of uselessness, you get involved in an accident on your way home. At the end of that day, would it not be comforting to come home to a loved one, who will console you and make you feel like you"re on top of the world again? Would it not be comforting to come home to someone who tells you that you"re great? Would it not be comforting to come home to a person, instead of a cat? Companionship is important to us all.

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