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The Kurds and the Middle East

            The Kurds are an ethnic group spanning across Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Armenia, Georgia and, Azerbaijan. Culture is something that we create, a system of knowledge that we use to survive and satisfy basic needs, we use it to adapt and communicate to other members of our culture and finally, to understand each other. There are five main parts to culture, Language, Marriage, Family, Art, and Religion. Language is a system of public knowledge used to send and receive precise messages that are understood by both the sender and receiver, and can be written or spoken. Marriage is the socially approved sexual and economic union between at least one man and one woman. Family is a unit consisting of a family and their kids. Art is play with form, producing some aesthetically successful transformation-representation. Lastly, religion is a belief system that contains myths and rituals that influence supernatural powers and tell us how to behave. Culture is integrated within itself, it simply fits together like gears. For example, the Kurds have language. They use language to communicate with their family. The values and beliefs of the culture are never contradicted in the society either.
             The Kurds are located in a large area spread across the Middle East that is often referred to as Kurdistan. They are in an extreme continental climate, meaning they have hot summers and cold winters. The geography is able to influence a society. The geological factors that can influence a culture are climate, topography, and natural resources. Since Kurdistan is a very diverse region there are mountains that separate the Kurds from each other. This influences the culture by creating dialects.
             Historical events shape culture because they make the society adapt to new challenges. For example a war causes acculturation which is when another culture is forced upon a culture with them not wanting it. The Kurds lost their independent state as it was reclaimed by the countries that they took it from, leaving them without a self-ruled state.

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