A Disappointing Experience

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There are times when you do not feel like going out with your friends. You just want to stay home watching one of those boring tv shows, or talking to your mother about the importance of your dreams, which is measured against the importance of reality. However, a little crazy voice in your insides commands your mind to do the opposite of staying home. My descriptive skills began one Saturday nigh at Sunset Place.

The main entrance was far away from the parking lot. So, we had to walk for almost ten minutes to get to the mall. Finally, we saw JC. Penny, which is the first store you encounter. The movies is located on the second floor; but first you have to walk all the way until you see game Works, another store for kids to play with computers. Well, my three friends and I finally got to the movies. The line was huge. We had to wait half hour to buy the tickets. In the meantime, and all o

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