The Great Christmas Gift

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The story of the Gift of the Magi shows Della's courage to fight against short income, persistence to struggle with horrible life, and the ability to deal with adversities to forgo her favorite thing in very critical situation. This story also focused the deeply love between two people who sacrificed each other to buy a Christmas gift. On the occasion of Christmas, both Della and James wanted to buy a very special gift to wish Merry Christmas to each other. However, they did not have enough money or savings.

These days, James Dillingham was earning only $20 a week; on the other hand, he was earning $30 a week during the former period of prosperity. These days, Dillingham family had shorter income; however, Della did not give up, moreover, she continued to fight against their short income and terrible expenses. She used to bargain with shoppers, grocers, and vegetable man, and saved money, even several cents when bought groceries. During the bargaining, sometimes, she could embarrass from shoppers, grocer

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