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Money, Happiness and A Christmas Carol

            Giving gifts is known to be a tradition in the Christmas Eve. The idea behind this tradition is that Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, a time for sharing love and generosity, a time to remember others less fortunate than us. We know all these things, and we know that this is also the true spirit of Christmas. Yet all these things require a willing heart; a heart filled with grace because we have received such great gifts from god and we must share these gifts with others. Although the story "Christmas Carol" take place in a different time period, still holds values and lessons that are important in society today. Dickens illustrate the importance of human generosity in the way rich people react to poor people, and how a few tender can proximately make a big difference in others life and ultimately leads to personal happiness. The main character, Ebenezer Scrooge, characterize apathy towards everything starting from having no feelings for others to aversion from Christmas, but he changed from being cold, dismal, stingy person to slender, carefree, generous person at the end.
             Scrooge is a miser, greedy and mean in every way. He spends all his day working, looking after his money. He is so cheap that he keeps his house dark with a small fire and allows no extravagance even on Christmas day. Scrooge refuses to donate any money to the needy when the charity collectors come to him. Even though Scrooge has more than enough to donate, he refuses saying that he pays enough taxes. Scrooge words shock the charity collectors because he simply states that poor should die and decrease the surplus population. Christmas Carol emphasize the theory of money cannot buy happiness by showing Scrooge decision of choosing money and personal gains over family and love. Money is exemplify to be golden idol that is worshiped by people, but it is also proved that it destroy lives. For example, Scrooge gives up his opportunity to have a family when he let go of his girlfriend Belle, who turns out to be a happy wife with another loving husband having a wonderful family.

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