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"A Rose For Emily" vs. "A Christmas Carol"

            Many different stories can be connected by a common element, whether it is symbolism, techniques used, or theme. "A Rose For Emily," by Faulkner and "A Christmas Carol," by Dickens do not have quite the same theme, but the over all concept of the stories are very similar. "A Rose For Emily" sends out the message of having to let go of the past, while "A Christmas Carol" focuses more on the fact that money doesn't make happiness and to give to the less fortunate. These themes aren't the same at all, but the concepts within the two stories, only you can decide what kind of life you lead, is definitely found within these stories.
             In "A Rose For Emily," her father censored Emily from all men. She lived a very mysterious life. When her father passed, she seemed to hold on to the past. Emily never wanted to hear anything from anyone; her way was the right way. She constantly argued that she had no taxes in Jefferson. For three days, she refused to believe that her father was dead. She did not want to listen to what anyone had to say. Finally doctors had persuaded her to let them dispose of the body. She soon became very sheltered. She was sick for a long time.
             When she was better, that is when he met Homer Barron; they were inseparable. She did not care that Homer was a Yankee they had a wonderful time, each time they were together. Soon Emily found out that Homer was a homosexual. She decided to poison him. A while later, Emily was no longer around town as frequently as usual. People would see her from time to time, but she mainly stayed within her house. She died not long after that, but her name still is talked about among the town her name will live forever.
             In "A Christmas Carol," Scrooge was also a very bitter man. He was distant and angry towards all people. It was not until the three ghosts visit, that he decided to change his ways. The first ghost showed him how he was in the past.

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