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Christmas Love

            Ever since I was a little girl, I loved Christmas. Not only for all the gifts I received, but also because of the beautiful scenery, joy and unity. I think personally the best thing about Christmas is the flat, evenly spread out, bright, white, glistening, untouched snow scenery. I love the way snow gently, elegantly and slowly falls on branch upon branch. Yes, after some time the snow is driven over, sanded down and muddy, but that first snowfall makes me feel as though I am a little girl again, waking up late on an unexpected snow day, with my warm flannel pajamas on. As I can recall vividly, my face lit up by the shiny, white snow. I rushed downstairs, vigorously push my feet in my heavy-duty boots and quickly put on my hat, scarf, and gloves. Adamant to go outside, I grabbed my jacket and opened the door quickly before my mother stopped me. There I stood, gazing out on the winter wonderland with untied laces and layered with so much clothing, I looked as though a were a puffy as a marshmallow! My smile rose so far up, that it touched my sparkling eyes. Instantly, I was interrupted by my mother, who lectured me about the importance of eating breakfast, wearing even thicker layers of clothing and how malapropos it was to not greet people warmly first. After a quick, warm-the-soul-up hot chocolate, I zoomed outside, sinking in the snow. A few minutes later, I grew bored of looking and playing with the snow. I always had to get out that first intention; that burst of excitement! .
             I love the joy, cheerfulness, and laughter of my family and friends. I adore the smell of fresh pine from the tall, elegantly ornamented Christmas trees and wreaths. I also like the smell of fresh Christmas baked goods, especially the smell of cinnamon, although I dislike the taste. The sight of bright lights, Christmas trees and wreaths, snowflakes, the colors red and green, and, for some reason, red and green maraschino cherries on fruitcake make Christmas even more enjoyable.

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