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            Imagine walking through an average family's Christmas celebration one might see, opening of presents around the Christmas tree, family dinner, engaging in friendly conversation. Some of the things you might smell fresh pine from the pine tree, the smell of peppermint from the candy canes dangling from the tree. In my family we tend to do everything a little different. While other families are having the traditional Christmas, my family has a tradition of its own to follow. .
             The smell of freshly cooked pancakes, bacon and eggs and freshly squeezed orange juice tickles your nose hairs to wake up any that dares to sleep late on Christmas Eve. The breakfast table is set for a king. Plates full of pancakes, French toast, bacon, ham, eggs, coffee, tea, orange juice. With every bite just as savory as the last one might wish for this meal to never end. With every tasteful bite you can feel the juices running down the side of your mouth. Even though you"re full from the food you want to complete the meal. After the breakfast buffet is over the children with their filled little bellies sit around the television and watch cartoons. .
             As the children are watching the morning cartoons my parents begin to set up the Christmas Eve present opening. Every Christmas each family member is able to open one gift. The gifts are usually not big gifts. These gifts are brought just for the purpose of being opened on Christmas Eve. After all of the gifts are opened my mother walks around with a big black plastic bag to collect all the wrapping paper. When the cleaning is finished believe it or not it is time for lunch. You would think after a big breakfast like that who would have room for another meal. .
             Every meal is important from breakfast to dinner. So at lunch we have a family based discussion, generally the conversation ranges from school to life. Those that are young and old participate. Around this time is when the extended family begins to pour in from all over the city.

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