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            All people in their lives went through the celebration of the Christmas. And today I want to talk about a poem that was written by Jean Reidy "Christmas". Just from the poem's name we can get the information, that the poem itself will talk about the Christmas. This poem contains many poetic devices, but I will talk about just three of them. They are personification, repetition and hyperbole. .
             First I will talk about personification. First personification is on the line 8. This line says "Santa dance in your head". In reality Santa Clause can not dance in my head, it is just impossible. And we can see that the person in the poem wants to get the presents from the Santa Clause faster. That is why he is thinking about him, and we can see this imagery that is in the person's head. From reading this line we also want to wait for the Santa had get some gifts, but for us it is impossible because it is not a Christmas day. But still the author gave the mood of hope, excitement and also disappointment by this. As I already said we will imagine the Christmas Eve in our heads, but it's just imagination, it is not real. That is why to me this is kind of disappointing. The last personification is on the line 54, "the day dances in your head." This personification also means that it is the day what you I thinking about right now. In another words a person in the poem after .
             all excitement in the Christmas nigh wants to go the bed and sleep. And then wake up next morning and get a more closely look to the gifts that he/she got last night. .
             The second poetic device that I will describe is a repetition. First repetition appears on the line 8 and 21. It is a "Santa". As we know there is no real Christmas night with out a "real" Santa Clause. And that is why a writer emphasis in this poem several times a word Santa, just to make us feel with excitement, exuberant. Also the writer says Santa just in order we imagine in ourselves those feelings that the kids imagine in that time when they are read to get their presents.

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