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Christmas Time

             I am terribly disappointed with the way Christmas turned out this year. For some odd reason I awoke on Christmas morning only to find that nothing was under the tree for me. I just couldnt understand why. I acted very pleasant throughout the whole year. I know that it was nothing I did. It just had to have been your fault. It seems to me that someone didn't check their list twice. Or maybe it was your sleigh that had some kind of mechanical problem which caused you to pass my house by. I can see no other reason for why I didn't receive anything. .
             This year I asked you for a pair of black Timberland boots with the gray trees on them. I really wanted a pair of boots because I have not had a pair yet and I really thought they looked nice. I wanted just a few new outfits from Old Navy or maybe Lazuras, so that I could like nice for the holidays. The last thing I wanted for Christmas was some money. There was a couple of fun things that I wanted to do over winter break that required some spending money. Like I wanted to go to a few parties and the movies. I didn't really think that I asked you for too much.
             Even though I did not receive any of the items I asked for, I still had a great Christmas. I know that it is more to Christmas than just receiving gifts. So I am forgiving you for what happened. I know that it was a terrible mistake that was never meant to happen. I just hope that it will never happen again.
             Sincerely, .

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