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A Christmas Carol

            Dickens didn't get much of an education, he had to teach himself most of what he knew, which was enough to give him to a job as a "parliamentary reporter" at a newspaper. From there he worked his way up to writing books. The book I chose to read was called A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. It was a book based on "The Christmas Spirit". A Christmas Carol is a celebration of Christmas and the good it inspires. At Christmas time, people forget their problems, others being selfish, and worry simple on friendship, charity, and celebration. The main problem in the book was basically that Scrooge was too cheap, and wasn't into Christmas. He had forgot what it really meant to celebrate Christmas, and the joy of it.
             The protagonist of this book was, Ebenezer Scrooge; a cold, miserly creditor whose acts of "kindness" form most of the story of A Christmas Carol. Scrooge represents the rich people who don't care about the poor and think only of themselves. Another character is Bob Cratchit; Scrooge's overworked employee. He is a timid man afraid to stand up to his boss's demanding ways. He is the father of a family poor but rich with love. He cares a lot for his crippled son, Tiny Tim. Cratchit is a symbol for the poor, a good man, and hard working but unable to get out the hard conditions of being poor. I feel that Ebenezer Scrooge, and Bob Cratchit are the main characters in this book because Ebenezer represents the greedy rich, and Bob Cratchit represents the caring poor people. They are basically the type of people in the book, and the type concerning in the book. .
             The Ghost of Christmas Past is the first ghost to visit Scrooge. He isn't a main character in the book, but I feel it is important in the story. Another in which I feel is important in the story is Ghost of Christmas Present. The Ghost of Christmas Present is a giant man in robes. This ghost has 1,800 brothers and a life span of one day.

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