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A Christmas Carol

             1-7, from "No body" to "dark master!").
             This passage told by the narrator gives an accurate description of the character of Scrooge, through the thoughts and actions of the people around him. This gives the reader an idea of what people expect and feel towards Scrooge. The passage takes place in the second page of Stave One, which sets the stage for why Scrooge encounters the spirits. No one who knew of scrooge would ever stop to make small talk or even say hello. The beggars wouldn't venture to ask him for a handout, for they knew of his shrewd nature and didn't care for ridicule. Not even a child would dare to stop him for the time. Scrooge was a cold soul to anyone who crossed his path. The author emphasizes this theory further with the instance of even a blind mans dog who would lead their master away from Scrooge for even they knew the wickedness that Scrooge bestowed. Which couldn't be any more emphasized than "no eye at all is better than an evil eye, dark master", speaking of Scrooges" demeanor. The social relationship that Scrooge possessed with his fellow man was ideal to Scrooge and had no hopes of resolution. This is important to illustrate before the spirit encounters show how Scrooge led himself to his cold place in society. Rather than just to say he was disliked, the author shows the reader the kinds of relations Scrooge has with all sorts who have the displeasure of crossing his path. This passage also provides understanding, why no one shows up to his funeral or grieves of his passing in Stave Four. .

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