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Cristmas Carol

             A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a story that is rich in metaphors that .
             ultimately questions the morals and ethics of society during the time of his life. .
             In the story, Ebenezer Scrooge, is a greedy but rich accountant who is visited by .
             his old business partner's ghost Jacob Marley tells Scrooge that he may face .
             penalty of becoming a lost soul if he continues to value money more than .
             anything else in his life. He also foretells Scrooge will be visited by three other .
             ghost that will give him the chance to redeem himself and he can break the iron .
             chain of greed that he has woven. The plot, story, and the end of this book shows .
             that it was well written and well thought up by the author. This book also show .
             Dicken's works are some of the best of our time. .
             Ebenezer Scrooge a miserly, cold- hearted creditor, continues his stingy, greedy .
             ways on Christmas Eve. He rejects a Christmas dinner invitation and all good .
             tidings of the holiday, from his jolly nephew Fred. The same night Jacob Marley's .
             ghost a former partner of Scrooge visits him to warn Scrooge that if he does not .
             stop treating money as the center of the universe that his soul may be lost .
             forever. He also tells him that three ghost will come to him the next three nights. .
             Dickens uses Scrooge as the symbol of greediness and sadness in the book. .
             Scrooge falls asleep and wakes up to find the Ghost of Christmas Past, who .
             shows Scrooge scenes from the past that trace Scrooge's development from a .
             young boy, lonely but with the potential for happiness to a young man with the .
             first traces of greed that would deny love in his life. Scrooge goes to sleep and is .
             awakened by the Ghost of Christmas Present who shows Scrooge several current .
             scenes of Christmas joy and charity and then shows the Cratchit household. The .
             ghost tells Scrooge that he must change the future or the Cratchit's crippled son .
             Tiny Tim would die. He also shows Scrooge the party at his nephews house .

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