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my parents

            My parents have many differences, as most do. Even though my mother is very much like my father, there are still a few variations in choice, which keep them unique. To my amusement, my mom and dad have almost opposite tastes. When it comes to music they are both nostalgic, yet have an ear for different genres. My mother and father also differ when comes too bad habits such as smoking, and gambling. Same spot, just on a different page, sort of speak.
             First of all, Music; one of the biggest differences yet. My mother listens to 1960’s bubblegum rock. My father enjoys listening to older 1940’s and 1950’s country music. My mother always hears a tune she used to love, and begins to tell my sister and me what the song reminds her of. My father hears an older country song, and tells us who wrote it, and how he met him. My mother is one of the biggest Elvis fans. Every time she hears song sang by him, she thinks is sang to her. When an Elvis movie is on she drops everything she’s doing to watch a little bit. Although not an Elvis nut, you can tell Elvis has meant a lot to her. My father not a fan of any sort, rather someone that has fans himself. For instance, most of the time, just going to the store can take a while, with my dad. Seems like someone that is a fan of his guitar playing always approaches us. Then the admirer begins asking awkward questions, like what he does now, and what’s my name, you know, things you wouldn’t want to tell someone your sure you don’t know. To my dismay, the person, or people, stand there and ramble on. Not realizing, we are at the store to pick up some dinner, and go on our way. Most times after the enthusiastic encounter, my dad proceeds to tell me, that he has never even seen, or met the person before. My dad, Lonnie Harper has traveled throughout the world, playing his guitar over the top of the neck (some people call it upside down).