Spain, England, and France

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In the 1500's-1700's all countries were attempting to do one thing, become an absolutist state. That was the goal of everyone, but only a few succeeded. Spain, England, and France were the three most successful countries in creating absolutist states. Spain tried using war to succeed, England used high educated English tudors, and France, which was most successful, used the power of rebuilding, strengthening themselves, and weakening others.

Spain was the weakest and least successful of these three countries, but still showed effort. Philip II was king of Spain in 1550; but had religious problems with his country. He was concerned about the loyalty of the Marranos and the Moriscos, a large religious minority. He was right and in 1569 the Moriscos revolted, but they were crushed just as fast as they started. Philip had problems with England, so around the 1570's he sent out the Spanish Armada. The Spanish Armada was an attempted missio

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